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Help You Capture the True Energy of a Live Performance

Whether it’s a product launch, a trade exhibition party, a conference or a wedding celebration, it’s important that you present it to the audience in a way which grabs their attention and sticks into their memory. Thanks to our professional DJs and sound engineers, they make your job much easier.

Music and entertainment work when they connect with people and let everyone at the party have a gala time. You can easily screw up things, if you are not careful enough to choose the right DJs, sound engineers and music mixers. At D1D ARTT, we have an excellent team of experienced deejays, equipped with the most advanced audio and visual technology to make just any crowd cheer in joy.

If you’re planning a wedding party or have a corporate event coming up soon, let us spin the records for you – based on your specific tastes, styles and preferences in music and songs.

We offer you a whole gamut of services.

Whichever niche you may belong to, we can help you capture the true spirit of a live performance through our live band recording service. First, we focus on knowing your band or what you exactly want. And then we take care of the rest – from staging the room and testing to keeping every instrument in sync. In addition, we have the experience, skills and ideas to give your band a big promotional spike. We think of band promotion as delivering your passion for music in a way which engages and builds a mutual relationship with your fans and followers.

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Why You Should Hire Our Services

Hiring the first DJ mixer, sound engineer or live band recording service that you come across is not a wise decision. You’ll find plenty of service providers out there, each of them affirming to be the best. Instead for falling for just anyone of them, you should take a step back, do some research and pick a service that’s professional and experienced in deejaying, sound engineering and live band recording.

Here’s why you’d love to work with us (and not an amateur):

Appropriate Music Styles

Appropriateness of music is key to creating a great atmosphere at any special event, whether business or personal. We’re a group of professional DJs and sound engineers who keep a close watch on songs that are making it to the top charts. If there are abrupt changes in the mood at an event, we have the skills to adapt quickly. We have a huge database of songs from different genres.

Our large database of songs, wide experience of having performed at a variety of formal events and celebrations and having recorded lots of live bands enable us to cater to any specific requirements.

Latest Equipment

A lot of a DJ’s or sound engineer’s success at a formal event or party depends on what kind of sound equipment is used. You can’t expect a DJ to deliver his best, if he doesn’t have the right tools, gear and kits or lacks the skills to use them. As professionals, we have all the new-age equipment and tools and know well how to operate them for the best outcome.

Quick, Direct Communication

When it comes to planning a big corporate event or a wedding party or recording a live band, vendor reachability plays a vital role.

That’s exactly why we offer various means of communication as well as respond quickly to your concerns. Whether you want to talk to us via phone or email, we’re always available and easy to reach. It’s fast to fix appointments with our professionals or request us for a personal demonstration before the event. We remain in close contact with you right from planning till the event concludes.

Successful Track Record

Our DJ, live recording and band promotion services have been delivering great results in the Kansas City area for more than 10 years. We have successfully performed to the tastes of a variety of audiences and have been applauded for our skills to simply transform events and deliver the best results. We have a deep understanding of how site conditions, room size and the quality of equipment can impact sound quality. When you hire us for your next event, feel confident that you’re going to work with some of the best DJs and music mixers in the industry.

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Let Us Make Your Upcoming Event a Memorable One!

Our services are available in Kansas City, Johnson County, Jackson County, Clay County and Platte County. If a formal event at your company is coming up or you’re planning your wedding party, feel free to meet out DJs and sound mixers in person and ask any questions you may have in mind.

By meeting with us, you’ll have a fair idea about what our DJ rental and live band recording services have in store for you in terms of music styles, variety of songs, DJ gear, DJ kit and onsite support.

At the same time, you can ask to see our portfolios and references of all the corporate, wedding events and live band recordings we have done in the past.

Entertainment is what we deliver and live for. At D1D ARTT, we strive to make every event where we perform a cherished one. They say, “The devil is in the details”. And so, we take every little detail into consideration. We’ll check and re-check to make projects completely error-free. Loaded with lots of professional experience, great coordination skills and several years of experience, we know how to turn an event into a great one so that crowds can remember it for a long time. From music to professionalism, we are a class of our own. You can take our word for it.

If you have made up your mind to move forward and plan out a DJ program or record a live band with us, let us meet and discuss the details. We treat every client with great respect and give them the attention they truly deserve.

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Are you looking for a DJ or Sound Engineer? If so, don’t look any further! Let D1D Artt spin the records for your next event or be the sound engineer for your band ! We are experienced DJs, and we maintain various audio and visual equipment which can accommodate for crowds of any size. For more information on our services or more about us, please click on the links below! We look forward to help entertain for your event!



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