Audio Equipment

The success of an event rests on the groundwork of audio. If you’re planning a formal event or want to record a live band, only a microphone and a pair of speakers won’t do the job. For the best outcome and an unforgettable experience, you need to hire a full array of audio equipment – mixers, multiple wireless microphones, powerful speakers, sound desk and other audio accessories.

In front of a large gathering, nothing is more embarrassing than having a low-quality or bad audio equipment. When you’re looking for audio equipment rental, outdoor sound system or high quality speaker rental, you shouldn’t settle for just anyone. To ensure the success of an event and allow your guests to have an awesome time, you should only choose to work with professionals. Even when you’re planning to record a band performing live at an event or a rehearsal space, the audio equipment has to be of professional standards and in top-notch condition.

A professional audio equipment provider carries a deep understanding and knowledge of varying requirements and can provide with the right set of sound system that would turn your event into an amazing one.

At D1D ARTT, we offer audio equipment for any size of room or event. Whether it’s a business meeting, a press conference, an outdoor event or a recording session, we can help you with a complete range of sound system as well as onsite support anywhere in the Kansas City area. Our gamut of services include speaker rentals, wireless mics rentals, DJ mixer rentals, mult box rentals, outdoor sound system rentals, wireless system rentals and other audio accessories rentals. Our team of experts has a successful track record of fully investing in the success of corporate events, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, live band recordings etc.

We have more than 10 years of experience, working exclusively with a wide range of businesses, agencies, bands and artists.

Since we have been operating in the music industry for a long time, we are fully aware of the issues that many event planners or clients face. Sometimes, problems may arise due to the use of poor quality gear or wrong kinds of equipment. That’s why, working with professionals who know their stuff too well is a high recommend. But one issue that is more likely faced during an event is different levels of speaking used by different speakers. If you are working with professionals, an expert audio technician can quickly take care of this by making adjustments on the sound board – and bring uniformity to the level of sound across all speakers.


Here’s why working with us or renting our audio equipment for you next event or outdoor party is a great idea.


Today’s audio and DJ equipment are both complex and advanced. If you lack prior knowledge, the variety of speakers, microphones, PA systems, DJ systems, power amps and keyboards could easily overwhelm you. At D1D ARTT, we have deep experience in the use of various sound systems and so we’ll help you make the best choices for the audio of your event.


It requires a good amount of planning to produce a great event. That’s why we believe in advance planning. If you have a plan for an event in mind, we’ll sit with you and talk about the details. We’ll listen to your concerns and answer all those questions that you may have in mind. For each event, we follow an established procedure which enables us to provide you with the audio equipment that’s the best match for your size of your event and specific needs.


Even after installing the DJ sound system as per your specific need, we’ll take the time to recheck every little detail before the start of the event. Doing a proper run through is better than facing issues while the event is on and ruining the mood and tone and throwing water on all the efforts.


We work with you as a credible partner. Right from the day the planning of the event begins till the very end, we take every step of the process seriously and hold ourselves responsible for the outcome. This means we’ll make sure that your project gets a well-defined structure, is executed effectively and reaches a wonderful conclusion. It’s our responsibility to help you plan a successful event and get the best return on your efforts.

If you’re happy, we are very, very happy.

Our audio equipment rental service aims to fulfill your needs for any size or type of event. If you want to plan an event which guests will talk about long after they’re gone or record a live band for great results, let’s talk and work together.