Lighting for Any Occasion

One of the key ingredients that define the success of an event is lighting. If the lighting is done properly, the event gets an ambiance and sets the right mood for the audience to feel awesome and have fun.

Lighting is about the experience you want to deliver.

You must have been to many corporate events and wedding parties yourself. What kind of impact have different types of lighting set up left on you? Lighting is used to attract attention. Lighting makes the architecture and décor of a venue come alive. Lighting creates a great atmosphere.

Be it any occasion, lighting helps you craft a visual experience which turns a good event into a great one.

If you too are planning a formal event or want to record a rock band performing live, make sure you choose professional lighting services to leave the best impression in the minds of your guests and fans. At D1D ARTT, we provide top quality lighting for all occasions and needs at a price you’d love to pay.

Lighting-DJ Service

Lighting Options at Your Disposal

Over the past couple of years, the lighting industry has evolved manifolds. Today, you can pick lighting fixtures from a wide range of options and have an event or an outdoor party decked up exactly as you want.

A powerful replacement for Tungsten filaments lights, LEDs are extensively used at outdoor parties and events. They don’t just cut down on your electricity bill, but also emit less heat and shine as bright as Tungsten lights. Thanks to the latest LED technologies, they have enabled us to utilize techniques like pixel mapping (image and video) for creating lighting effects that would simply wow any audience. There are LED tubes (or Happy Tubes) that can be used to enhance both the internal and external architecture of a building. LED tubes are in quite common use at rock concerts and conferences.

LEDs can be combined with gobos to create different types of geometrical patterns on walls, ceilings or floors of a building while adding depth to a party or event. Gobo style lighting can be customized to suit the specific requirements of just any occasion and enhance the visual impact.

It’s also an excellent idea to create a light show, which means a lot of fun for guests at a rock concert or gala. It’s a type of lighting which immediately connects with people and entices them to jump on to the dance floor.

If you are organizing an event where you want to draw your guests’ attention towards some specific part of that event, pin lighting is the way to go. Pin lighting is a special technique which involves the use of spotlight in an artistic way to highlight certain architectural pieces or décor elements. This type of lighting is often used to create a dramatic effect at a party or event.

Let Us Transform Your Next Event

Our team of light engineers and technicians are extremely competent and highly skilled to fulfill the aesthetic requirements of any kind of occasion or size of event. Our lighting equipment is professional and of the highest standards. If you are unable to decide which type of lighting fixtures or layout you should choose for your upcoming occasion or need, we’ll help you make a well-informed decision. And feel confident that the lighting design we create for you will be one of its kind.