DJ Services

We make outdoor events and live band recordings spring up with life – in the most truthful sense of the word.

For your convenience, we have bundled a bunch of services together. For example, if you are looking for DJ service, sound engineering and lighting for an event, you don’t have to go to three separate providers. If you choose to work with us, you’ll save yourself both time and money (and sanity too).

Here’s a quick look at how we can help you with a number of services and help you keep your event schedule.

Dj Services

Professional DJ

We are a group of highly dedicated and experienced DJs, backed up by a successful track record of more than 10 years. Having played at numerous formal events, parties and social functions, we offer musical tastes and styles that spans across cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Sound Engineer

Music and sound system go hand in hand. A poor sound system can take a toll on great music. Work with our sound engineers to get the most out of your music selection. We are always eager to share our expertise with you on how to blend music and mix and coordinate sounds.
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Live Band Recording

Recording live bands comes with its own challenges. The task is easy when you are using just one instrument or working with just one voice at a time. But as soon as you have the need to record a band that’s performing live at an event or the rehearsal space, the process becomes complicated and overwhelming. When working with us, you can feel confident that our professionals will take good care of everything – from reducing the spill and setting the right frequency for bass guitar in a room to getting all the instruments and vocals in sync for great results.

Band Promotion

There are several ways to promote a band – both offline and online. We have the experience to organize gigs and tours to popularize your album and band. Apart from this, we also employ various other effective online promotional techniques and promotional strategies so that you can share your love for music with your fans on a large scale and create your own mark.

Lighting for Any Occasion

Lighting lends elegance to an event. If you plan to put together a great atmosphere at your next event, you should never ignore or undervalue the potential of this effective medium. Whether it’s the interior, the exterior or the dance floor of a venue, we’ll design and deliver a lighting plan which adds depth and visual charm to your event or wedding party.
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Wireless Mics

Our wireless microphones use advanced technology, offering clean signal and long range. Whether you’re looking for hand-held wireless mics, Lav, Lapel or Countryman microphones, we can provide you with any of them to suit your specific event requirements. Our wireless mics are comfortable to hold and light in weight with the least handling or wind noise.

Mix Boards for Live Bands

Mix boards for live bands come in multiple shapes, sizes and qualities. There are DAW software that can perform mixing too. But when it’s a formal event or a special celebration of your life, you need to use only the best. At D1D ARTT, we have a variety of top-notch quality mix boards that can be used to suit the demands of any situation or event.

Audio Equipment

Audio is the backbone of an event. Whether it’s a keynote or a large event, we offer reliable audio equipment for hire. Our audio equipment and live sound production services are aimed to deliver the best results and turn any of your events or presentations into a great success.
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Based on the size of your event and what you’re exactly looking for, we can quickly customize these services for you. Feel free to talk to us for more details on pricing or custom services packages.